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Social media content for dental practices

Social media in the dental space

With the present technology boom and enhanced effect of social media, individuals are more prone to look for dentist recommendations online. Embrace this development and accommodate your marketing plans to be competitive in today’s changing marketplace. Get in front of the dental practices that still do business the old-fashioned manner and see that your market share increases.

These social media guidelines will provide you valuable suggestions about how to incorporate it into your advertising plan and enhance your brand awareness. At Steep Dental Marketing Melbourne we can help you manage your social media accounts to its fullest potential through Dental SEO.

1. Give your audience exactly what they want by having a two-way conversation

Rather than sharing and broadcasting only self-promotional information, attempt to get the attention of your followers, engage them, and show them that you care about what they must say. Actively listen to what your customers are saying, and take part in online conversations that will give you greater insights to your own audience. like:

  1. What are the major oral health issues?
  2. What entertains and inspires them?
  3. How can you resolve their problems?

By identifying the challenges people face and their unique tastes, it is possible to create dental website design and content that provides your patients what they want and also a motive for them to stay on your social networking pages. This is a basic step in building long-term relationships.

2. Be consistent

Don’t try to get an account on each social media network, but rather concentrate on one or two platforms. Consult your present patients where they prefer to hang outside. This will help you be consistent and make the most out of the time that you spend on social media.

Scheduling tools can be a massive help because these allow you to handle all of your social handles in one area. You may use tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to print posts automatically, track and answer users’ opinions, and analyze user engagement.

3. Post engaging articles

Practice the 80/20 rule–80% of your articles should be helpful and entertaining, whereas the other 20% can market your services. Tell the success stories of your own patients with before-and-after images. Give them a glimpse of what it’s like to be your patient, and make them feel comfortable about having you as their dentist. To help you with your content click on Dental Marketing Ideas for more details.

4. Go viral with videos

Create short videos of up to 90 seconds that are useful and entertaining. You can then share them across all your social programs. Try some of these ideas:

  1. Greet your patients and group members for their birthdays.
  2. Share individual testimonials.
  3. Live-stream during local events or dental conferences you attend.
  4. Run reside Q&A sessions.
  5. Record and share 360 video tours to display your workplace.


5. Leverage social media location features

As a company with a physical address, the check-ins and place targeting are another viral marketing tool that will be able to help you spread the word about your own practice. Here’s how you can make the most from these attributes:

  1. Ask your current patients to check-in on Facebook during their visits. The action will be revealed as a post on their timelines and can help you get to their friends and bring new potential sufferers. Moreover, you can get a bonus inspection because when somebody checks into your place, Facebook invites that person to follow the action with an overview.
  2. Encourage patients to label your Instagram business account or put in a location sticker on their Instagram Stories. This can tempt their Instagram followers to click their posts and find out more about your dentistry.


6. Develop and nurture brand advocates

Your happy patients, staff members, and local partners can bring more value than any paid advertisements. Invite them to talk about your practice so as to boost your internet visibility and social proof.

  1. Contain your staff in social media promotions and invite them to discuss your content by not limiting their access to social websites while at the workplace.
  2. Tag the social networking pages of local organizations and partners on your posts.
  3. Proactively manage your standing by teaching your front desk team to ask happy customers to leave an overview of your social media pages as they’re leaving.
  4. Respond to both negative and positive testimonials and attempt to turn complaining reviewers into fans. Just offering an apology is not enough. Let unsatisfied patients understand you will fix their issues in a timely manner or you’ll refund them.
  5. Show patient appreciation by coordinating a Patient of the Month program or hosting individual appreciation parties. Share these tasks on social media by creating Facebook occasions or sharing pictures from these events.

For all those of you who are new to social media marketing, it may seem somewhat daunting when you kick it all off. But as soon as you get a sense of what works best for your own dental clinic, you’ll start building a loyal online community, and you’re going to even begin bringing new patients.

A few of these tips might appear quite simple, but ask yourself, are you actually testing and implementing them on your social media plan? Experiment with various methods, and do not miss the chance to get ahead of your competition by creating more interactive communicating with your patients.

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