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Dental company name ideas

Does the name of your practice matter? The short answer is YES. The correct name can make the job of advertising your practice simple. It can draw in new patients and make you stand apart from different practices in your area. At Steep Dental Marketing Brisbane we can help you boost your newly established business through Dental SEO, making your dental office easy for your patients to find.

Here are a key focus to remember while conceptualizing another name for your dental practice: 

  • First, you need your patients to recall the name of your office. That implies that you most likely need the name to be short to make it critical. 
  • Second, the name should move towards positive and relevant associations with the name you pick. We as a whole realize that we may get a cavity, however no one needs to consider cavities when they pick a dental specialist. 
  • You need individuals to think “dental specialist” when the business name springs up – decisively. They shouldn’t need to consider what your practice is or what you do. 
  • It’s likewise a smart thought to consider the implications of your name from a web based marketing system perspective considering also your dental website design.


What you need to know in naming your dental Practice 

One of the primary difficulties any dental specialist faces when beginning their own private dental practice is finding an appropriate name. While utilizing your last name to mark your dental office might be a smart thought for a few, most dental specialists would be in an ideal situation picking a novel name for their dental office. Working with the dental marketing agency will help your chosen business name established in your area through SEO, making your dental office easy for your patients to find. Here is the rundown of inquiries you have to pose to first to concoct a superior name for your dental practice. 

1. Is it excessively long?

The principal thing you should be careful about is the length of your dental office name. In a perfect world you should keep the name up to 3 words in length and anything over 5 words is very long. On the off chance that you need to utilize at least 5 words, at that point you can build up an abbreviation for your practice name and utilize that as your logo mark. Think KFC for Kentucky Fried Chicken and IBM for International Business Machines.

2. Is it meaningful?

Another significant part of a decent dental office name is that it should quickly pass on what you offer for example dentistry service. Abstain from utilizing ambiguous words that might be utilized to allude to something different or whose importance isn’t evident. Your practice name should likewise recognize your dental office from other dental related organizations like dental insurance agencies and dental labs. 

3. What does it resemble?

Record the name on a bit of paper in lowercase and capitalized and check whether it looks alright and understands well. Demonstrate it to a couple of others also and ensure you are not setting yourself up for a shame like these folks.

4. Is it simple to spell?

Another point to consider is the spelling of your office name. At the point when you are on the telephone and tell a patient or anybody your office name, they ought to have no problem writing it down. Stick to ordinarily utilize words and keep away from extravagant words except if you need to spell your Practice name out to everybody for the following 10 years. 

5. What does it sound like?

Likewise, a simple spelling and your Practice name ought to likewise be anything but difficult to pronounce. Ask a couple of individuals with various accents to prepare your practice name so anyone might hear. Cautiously tune in to how the name sounds. Would you be able to make out each word? How quick can individuals say it? Are there an excessive number of syllables?

6. Does it mirror your situation?

Another significant thought when naming your dental practice is your situating in the market. Is it accurate to say that you are separated from everyone else or a gathering of partners? Is it true that you are a restorative, orthodontic, periodontics, pediatric master or a general dental office? Is it true that you are moderate or costly? Your name ought to have the option to pass on precisely where you stand. 

7. Is a slogan required?

On the off chance that you can’t discover a name to completely pass on your position, at that point take a stab at utilizing a slogan. The slogan will support your office name with more data to recognize your dental practice from the rest. However taglines should be avoided because they have become redundant over the years.

8. Can the City or Location Name be Added?

Since most dental specialists may be working in a single city, it makes sense well to include the city/town/metro name, check if your ideal business name is available at This will give your office a local vibe which is essential to numerous patients who wish to help neighborhood organizations over national establishments. It will likewise profit you with SEO. 

9. Is it one of a kind and vital?

Another significant part of a decent dental office name is its uniqueness. You need your dental practice name to be unique in relation to every other person in the city so individuals don’t mistake your office for another dentistry. It ought to likewise be something significant to grow better brand review. This will assist you with improving publicizing execution. Utilizing the dental marketing service, helps in bringing your potential customers right in your door steps.

10. Is the name still accessible?

Obviously the last advance before concluding an office name is to check on the off chance that it is accessible. When you have a short rundown of names, you should check which ones are accessible for enrollment with your state and government specialists. 

11. Is the .com area name accessible?

Since you have finished a name, you ought to affirm that it’s space name is accessible and register the .com right away. Try not to register any office name where at any rate the .com space name isn’t available.


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