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Starting a dental practice checklist – What you need before you start your Dental Clinic

How to start a dental clinic business

Starting your dental business requires a business plan; making note will help you organize in start-up. Keep organized using a laptop that you’ve set aside only for notes on opening your clinic. 

Write down your step-by-step strategy and any additional thoughts that you believe may be important down the line.

You have to also include your financial information when starting your business. such as rental, salaries, equipment, location, licensing fees and other expenses like dental SEO and Dental website design.

1. Dental Business – First Steps

A lot of information these days is available online. It will help you assist when starting a business plan. However, the value of an experienced consultant who has been a dentist in his previous life can not be overstated.

Learning from people who have already started successful dental clinics and run them for years will get you ahead of the game and avoid pitfalls that many dentists fall into when starting a new clinic.

2. Business partner

Are you going to start a dental practice on your own, or are you really going to associate with a couple of dental practitioners? Teaming up with a spouse can help offset the expenses of opening the dental clinic and obtaining financing.

3. Dentist Location 

By now, you have probably chosen the city or town where you’d like to establish your office. If not, knowing where you want to settle and operate will determine the best place for you and your family. Once you understand the general area where you’d like to practice, you’ll want to research your competition and the population of the area where you’ll be practicing.

4. Dental Equipment 

Dental equipment is the biggest expense you will encounter in establishing your dental clinic along with it also comes  furniture, computer systems, medical billing software, and a great deal of other items.

Finding a salesperson for your equipment that can provide you with affordable, quality gear. Just be sure that you research all of your options before making any purchases.

5. Clinic Space and Design

Prior to starting your office area, you’ll need to determine how much real square footage you need. Just how much space will you need for your waiting room, toilet, reception space, and exam rooms? Will you also need an x-ray room, storage space, and a break room? All these are things to determine before you even start looking for a workplace.

6. Get Funding for your dental office

To begin with, you’ll have to start speaking to various lending institutions and get a feel on their willingness to lend to dentists. After that, you’ll want to gather a preliminary loan package together with your favorite lender and apply for the loan. Though, if you have already sorted out your funding by selling another practice or business then you won’t need this step.

7. Get a Lease On Your Office Space

So, now you know where the location of your clinic, and the specific type of office space you need, and ideally have secured the funding that you want to start your practice, you can begin evaluating workplace spaces for your dental clinic. Normally, you will do this with the help of a practice broker. In either case, you will have to find a lease once you discover the perfect office.

8. Number of Personnel

You need to determine the number of your staff you’ll need in order to start your business. Knowing this sooner rather than later.

9. Marketing Strategy

In this day and age, every company needs a website, a Facebook business page is simply insufficient. A site can help you attract new patients, raise the comprehension of your dental practice, and act as your primary marketing tool.

Creating a website, employing the services of search engine optimization companies to assist your dental practice to attract potential patients, and become more profitable. 

You do not need to wait to hire a digital marketing Sydney firm. 

In fact there are many benefits of hiring a dental marketing agency before setting up shop. This allows you to align your brand image from the start with your ideal target audience. 

Having marketing in place will allow you to have a much higher success rate when opening your doors for the first time.

 It can take a few months to begin seeing results from an SEO campaign.

10. Permits and Licensing

The last thing you need to do in opening your dental clinic is for you to secure your license and permits for you to practice your dentistry. Also, joining certain professional memberships if you think that will be required or benefit your practice. Find out more here at

 Laws and regulations differ from state to state, so be sure to research this last step attentively and to leave adequate time and budgeting before opening to obtain these required permits.

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