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10 Best Dental Marketing Ideas That Work In 2020

Dental Marketing Tips To Grow Your Practice

Digital marketing for dentists has been around for years. With that comes the confusion on what works and what doesn’t. I have put together the best strategies that have helped hundreds of dental clinics in Australia to delight their patients and in return grow their practice. We offer Dental Marketing Sydney and all other major Australian cities.

1. Make It Super Easy To Book An Appointment

We all live busy modern lives, glued to our phones. But the truth is, making a phone call to book a dentist appointment is not always an option.

Take for instance the thousands of people who commute to work every day via public transport who will prefer to book via a website or chat option. You can offer online bookings by integrating a booking button that leads to HealthEnginge only charges your practice for new bookings that were generated outside of your own website. You don’t pay for patients booking through your website.

The next ‘must have’ is a dentist website chat plugin, so that website visitors can get their question answered by your receptionist within minutes and get booked in for their dental appointment.

You can find a list of the top WordPress website chat plugins here.

If you currently don’t offer these options prominently and easy to find on your website, you can look forward to a healthy increase in bookings once these are in place.


2. Google AdWords – Expensive but good.

Google AdWords is so popular because it promises you new patient bookings today. There as is no lead time, as soon as your ads are running you will get clicks.

To give you an insight on what you can expect to pay in Australia for Google Adwords (renamed to Google Ads) clicks:

  • Emergency Dentist Perth‘ – Cost Per Click: $25
  • Dental Implants Sydney‘ Cost Per Click: $13
  • Dentist near me‘ – Cost Per Click: $11

Let’s look at the math of Google Ads: If 25% of people who click on your ads become patients, then you need 4 clicks to get 1 patient on average.

Therefore you need to spend $100 (4 x $25) to get one emergency dental patient via Google Ads in Australian capital cities. Per month that works out to 30 days x $100 which is $3000 per month, which gets you 30 patients.

Even though Australia is one of the most expensive places to run Google Ads, due to the high levels of competition, there is still a significant opportunity here to grow your dental practice. After all, if you are not on Google Ads, competitors and lead generation services such as HealthEngine can target your practice name in Google ads and your suburb for keywords such as “Dentist North Sydney”, stealing your patients effectively.

The great minds at HealthEngine have worked out that if they pay Google Ads $2 for searches that are targeting your brand. So please don’t let them ‘divert’ your dental brand searches that easily. You need to set up a brand protection campaign in Google Adwords to avoid that. Please post in the comments or contact us if you would like to learn more about this.

3. Local Dental SEO – Optimise For Search Engines

As the head of SEO here at Steep Dental Marketing, it’s my job to be a fan of search engine optimisation. And dare I say for good reasons! There is so much to love when it comes to dental SEO.

Firstly, you don’t need to pay Google for every click that you are getting, which is fantastic. Because your website will be ranking at the top of search results ‘organically’ you will get plenty of clicks even without paying Google. The other factor is trust, historically users have always trusted the organic search results more than the ads, after all, there must be a reason why this website is ranked number one, it probably has the best information for a certain topic and the use of dental website design itself.

With dentist SEO you are building an asset, which is your website. We saw that Adwords can cost between $3000-$6000 per month. With SEO you can generate the same or more traffic for FREE. The additional bookings that you will get by ranking #1 for ‘ Emergency Dentist Melbourne ‘ for example will be a real boost for your practice growth.

When dental SEO is done right, your website will stand out from the crowd by taking up more space in the search results, driving more traffic and phone calls to your dental clinic.

If your website does not appear in search results like the snippet above, then you have a huge opportunity to get high-quality traffic for local keywords to your website that you would otherwise have to pay Google for.

4. Facebook Advertising: You Need A Strong Offer

There are two main problems dental clinics face when advertising on Facebook:

  1. They don’t speak the social language that is expected by Facebook users.
  2. The offer shown to users is bland, similar to competitors & only focussed on pricing. No excitement here.

Let’s look at how to do Facebook Ads the fun way!

Going back to what Facebook really is for, people hang out on Facebook and they want to be entertained. If your Facebook advertising is all business and no fun, that’s an immediate turn-off.

That being said, when done right, Facebook advertising is a great way to get in new patients month on month for less cost than Google Ads.


5. Building An Instagram Following

This one is not for the faint of heart! It takes a lot of effort and dedication for people to follow your account and interact with your content on Instagram.

Here you have the opportunity to let your branding and your dental brand’s personality shine through. You need to be aware that poor branding, poor content, lack of strategy will shine through on Instagram, as you need to put out a lot of content.

When done right, Instagram allows you to establish your clinic as an upmarket, stylish dental spa where people like to come as they get pampered.

When you can present a lavish dental experience on your Instagram account, sales will suddenly become a lot easier. Trust is already established with patients as they are familiar with your brand through social media and a higher price tag for your service is justified, as your whole brand oozes with superiority.

You don’t compete on price anymore, as you have taken over the game.

6. Email marketing for Dentists

In the era of social media, don’t overlook the power of email marketing. Email is an important marketing tool to convey messages to existing patients plus drawing new ones.

Email marketing can be broken down into two categories: Nurturing existing patients and generating referrals from existing patients.

Of course, not every monthly email should be asking for a referral. However, when done right, sending out an email together with an incentive, $50 off at your next appointment if you mention to us who you referred to our practice.

It does not have to be a monetary incentive, a free checkup for your kids, free teeth whitening when you refer a friend or co-worker will do the trick more often than not.

Making use of email marketing, you will easily keep the patients engaged and connected with your clinic. Soon enough it will begin to feel just as if you are talking to them personally.

7. Postcard Mail Marketing

The good news here is that all your competitors have long forgotten about sending a postcard to people who have recently moved into the area because they are all too busy with Pinterest, Facebook and Google!

Introducing your practice, your staff and your dental services with a postcard to people who are new to an area is a great way to put your clinics best foot forward. Likely, anybody who has recently moved to the area is in search of a new dentist, so what better way to say ‘Hi’ than by sending a postcard!

Tenacity is key with postcard marketing, as often time around postcard 3-5 you will see the greatest response in people, as they start to get familiar with your practice.

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