Could your dental practice use more patients?

We are not yet working with a dentist in Sydney or Melbourne or Adelaide.

All other locations are fully booked up by dental clinics that are growing at a rapid pace.

Customised Service

What works for other dental practices does not necessarily work in your city.

No Long Term Contracts

I offer have long term contracts. I want your dental practice to grow, that doesn't require contracts.

One Dentist Per Market

Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. We only work with one dentist per 20km radius to make your practice our prime focus.


Our monthly performance and task reports let you know exactly what we have done and what results you have achieved.

With Steep Dental Marketing, Reputation is Everything

My brand is built on my reputation. Unlike many marketing companies, I personally manage each dental marketing account myself. This ensures the highest level of customer service, making sure that you are understood and looked after at every point of the engagement.

I want you to feel comfortable with the direction your online marketing is heading. I help reduce confusion and make dental marketing as clear as possible for you. Many dental marketing companies turn to me for advice on how to attract new dental patients from Google. The reason behind this is simple:

I do actual tests on what factors do rank a website in Google. Therefore, I can say with confidence which factors will get your dental clinic website ranked and which factors are irrelevant. Too many dental marketing agencies focus on factors that don't move the needle, which creates disappointment with the client.

I guarantee that your rankings will climb month on month (evidence by transparent reporting) or the next month of marketing for your dental clinic is on me!

We highly recommend Dr Kent Tan and Dr Zaheer Kadwa from My Implant Dentist in South Perth. Please visit best resources for tooth implants as our dental clinic partner in Perth, Western Australia.

Dental Marketing Fine Tuned

With Steep Dental Marketing, you’ll know what you’re getting. It is about so much more than just acquiring new patients and increasing revenue.

My dental marketing clients across Australia feel a sense of duty to be visible on search engines. The clinics that I work with know that they’re providing class-leading dentistry services.

How could they not hire a leading SEO specialist to rank on Google?

If you’re interested in learning how many new patients per month you can gain from leading the pack in Google, please contact me for a free consultation.

While I only work with one dentist per local area, I can point you in the right direction (if I’m already working with another dentist in your area).

If you like the idea of learning more about dental marketing in Australia, I’d recommend checking out my blog on a variety of dentist marketing topics.

Meet Marc Moeller,
the “Dental Marketing Guru

Hi, I’m Marc. I’m known by most dental professionals for the results that I achieve for my clients in the online marketing space. I’m an SEO specialist who helps dentists to attract new patients from Google.

What does that mean to you? We show dental professionals how to transform their business into new patient magnets.

Many of our clients are looking back to the days when it was hard to get new patients through the door. Once you start with Steep Dental Marketing those days are over.  

I believe in transparency with my marketing techniques. Unlike many SEO companies, my goal is to help you understand SEO, why something has worked in the past, and why it may or may not work in the future. My goal is to do more than simply drive leads, but to teach you how and why different types of lead generation work.

Boutique dental
marketing agency

At Steep Dental Marketing, I am proud to serve a handful of dentists with the utmost effectiveness.

When you work with me, you’re choosing to work with someone who’s taking your success very seriously.

Following from this personalised approached, I take the time out to learn how you define success.

I have to develop solutions to help you achieve your goals. My marketing strategies can help you gain a firm understanding of the how and why behind your marketing strategy.

I personally ensure that you are getting the new patient results you’re after.

This personalised approach is how we start our relationship, and that’s what our existing clients appreciate.

Dental Marketing FAQs

Are your competitors stealing your patients from Google?

In 2019, any of your competitor's are able to run ads with the goal to redirect patients from your practice to theirs. To combat this trend, you need a solid Google Adwords and SEO strategy. Without these you are left wide open to losing patients every month to your competitors, as they are bombarding your patients with discount offers and incentives via online advertising.

How to generate more phone calls for my practice?

Any practice wants more phone calls, I understand that.

Sometimes when we look under the hood, the issue is more intracate than just generating phone calls.

How many of those teeth whitening phone calls are you converting and how many are just “price shopping"?

We work with your practice to understand which services generate the most predictable, profitable phone calls that lead to bookings and more revenue for your clinic.

How to target high value patients?

We all understand that some patients and services are much more profitable than others.

Dental Implants and follow up appointments associated with them have a much larger potential to grow your practice revenue than teeth whitening.

So how do we then target these specific patients?

The answer is that Google has a massive amount of data about their users, so we can target age, gender, location, income and more to get you the best results.

Looking for new patients? Talk to us today.